Fever Accompanied By Lumps Appear In The Armpit Whether The Symptoms Of Corona?

Greetings Doc, u003cbr / u003I am a man aged 26 years old, early February I had a fever up to 40’C, and followed a bump filled with pus in my armpits, a week I kept my armpits clean and kept my diet + vitamins for 4 days recovered u003cbr / u003e Date of March 27th I feel the same symptoms and it has not improved in 5 days (temperature 37.8’C). u003cbr / u003no diarrhea, no shortness of breath, no cough u003cbr / u003 Are there any indications that I have been affected covid-19? u003cbr / u003thank you

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Basically the main symptoms found in COVID-19 are fever and dry cough. In severe infections can also be found symptoms of shortness of breath (the bias occurs in people who are at risk, those who are elderly and have comorbidities). If your fever is accompanied by a clear infection focus (there are pus-filled lumps in your armpits, then most likely your fever originated from the infection in your armpits. COVID-19 disease does not cause suppurating lumps in the armpits.

Because your fever is not too high at the moment, you don't need to worry too much and you don't need to take fever-reducing drugs like paracetamol unless it's really bothering you or you are experiencing pain (either headache or pain in your armpits). You simply compress your armpits with a warm compress so that the suppurating lump deflates by itself.

You are expected to stay at home and not leave the house if you are not forced to do well for you and your family too, make sure you stay away from crowds or crowded places, don't use public transportation, keep a safe distance from others, wash your hands frequently with soap, as well as not smoking.

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