Fever Accompanied By Seizures In Children Aged 5 Years?

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my child is 5 years old, the fever is accompanied by seizures on Wednesday night … then he is brought to the emergency room … some time later he has a seizure again … after that 1 hour of seizures again..nah after being able to handle injection drug through the infusion. Thursday and Friday are better … the doctor said, Saturday morning can go home … but on Saturday morning he is hot again … according to the nurse, it is likely because the infusion needle is problematic … then remove the infusion … but during the day Here, according to the doctor, another IV was put on it. Don’t think there could be a suspicion of dengue fever … at the time of emergency room yesterday. His blood results are negative for DHF or malaria … only he has a problem in leukocytes … for this case please direct us so we can calm down … thanks

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Hello Gapli, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

The fever experienced by your child since Wednesday night means that today has entered its third day. Fever is the body's mechanism in fighting infections caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites. Naturally, when entering the emergency room the lab results showed results within normal limits, because generally the results of blood tests in cases of fever the first day did not show significant abnormalities. On the third day, blood components in the body that have an infection begin to show certain characteristics. for example in cases:

Dengue fever. This disease is caused by the dengue virus that enters the human body through the bite of the aedes aegesepti mosquito and aedes albopticus. The diagnosis of this disease can be known by looking at the patient's symptoms, physical examination results and supporting examinations such as blood tests in the form of NS1 tests that can be done on the first day of fever, or routine blood tests by looking at abnormalities in high leukocyte values, and low platelet counts with or without an increase in hematocrit.
typhoid fever or typhus. This disease is also characterized by fever, and digestive disorders, the body feels weak and headaches. in this disease laboratory results on the third day of blood tests can begin to show signs of infection by looking at the number of leukocytes that can increase but also within normal limits. therefore doctors usually recommend other additional examinations such as the widal or tubex test

malaria. the disease is characterized by fever, especially if you have a history of living or have traveled to malaria endemic areas. there are several types of malaria, depending on the type of infectious parasite, which can be determined through examination of peripheral blood smears.
septicemia, which is the entry of bacteria into the blood resulting in a fever as the body's natural defense mechanism. if this condition is not treated immediately it can cause complications in the form of sepsis.

so you don't need to worry why there are differences in laboratory results between Wednesday and Saturday, sir. This is caused by the course of the disease. for more details you can discuss with the doctor who treats your child yes sir.

in addition, seizures experienced on Wednesday can be caused by febrile seizures, or due to symptoms of epilepsy (need further observation and examination to distinguish this diagnosis).

make sure your child continues to consume drugs according to doctor's instructions, consume enough water and multiply rest.

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