Fever Accompanied By Stomach Pain And Heartburn

Illustration of Fever Accompanied By Stomach Pain And Heartburn
Illustration: Fever Accompanied By Stomach Pain And Heartburn thumbs.dreamstime.com

In the afternoon, I worked at the health center in the registration section, I felt my body was angered but had not checked the temperature. The complaints experienced by my body felt warm while I had a stomach ache. Stomach feels hot. And indeed I am a lover of spicy food. But I’m worried about my body being angered because every day I meet sick people. Sometimes feeling sick to his stomach Thank you

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I understand your concern, usually the complaints that you experience are not caused due to frequent exposure to sick people, if exposed often to sick people you might be exposed to a viral infection that attacks the respiratory tract. not the digestive tract. complaints that you experience is caused by diseases of the digestive tract, there are several possible causes that you experience include:

heartburn: symptoms of the disease in the form of pain and heat in the stomach that occurs due to a number of conditions

gastritis: an inflammation, irritation, or erosion of the surface of the stomach wall caused by excess stomach acid.

stomach flu: infection or inflammation of the walls of the digestive tract, especially the stomach and intestines

typhus / typhoid fever: a disease caused by a bacterial infection Salmonella typhii. Typhus can be transmitted quickly, generally through the consumption of food or drinks that have been contaminated with feces that contain Salmonella typhii bacteria.

food poisoning

so your complaint is due to the gastrointestinal tract, if a fever might be an infection due to you eating wrong which food is infectious, or because you already have a heartburn that can cause gastritis infection or trade in your stomach. You should do a body temperature check to find out you have a fever or not, not just by feeling or touching. There are several things you can do temporarily:

consume lots of water
You can compress a sick stomach with warm water
you can take anatasida medicine
You can also apply wind oil to your stomach
You can eat soft things first and avoid spicy foods and foods that are less hyginic
wash your hands before eating with soap

if you have done the above there is no reduction in the worse case you can immediately carry out an examination to the doctor to do the examination by interview and physical examination or if needed additional checks such as blood checks if necessary. so the doctor can provide the appropriate treatment according to the cause.

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