Fever Accompanied By Vaginal Sores And Lumps Filled With Water?

Illustration of Fever Accompanied By Vaginal Sores And Lumps Filled With Water?
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I am a woman aged 25, within 1 month I had sex with 4 men, then suddenly a few weeks I often had a mild fever and body aches and headaches and severe hair loss, after a few days in my vagina appeared several long sores such as gaping and there were also hard lumps and lumps filled with water. All of the wounds were very painful and sore, and they had discharge like a clear, quite fishy discharge in my vagina. I was stressed whether my illness is dangerous or not while I have a healthy 4 month old baby. Please reply yes thanks

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Having sex with multiple partners can increase your risk of sexually transmitted diseases. From the situation you are experiencing, appearing long sores in the vaginal area accompanied by a lump filled with water may be caused by a herpes simplex / genital herpes.

Herpes simplex is a sexually transmitted disease. herpes simplex is transmitted through direct contact with sufferers. Herpes simplex can occur in various places, such as the vaginal area, anus, and mouth (oral sex). Herpes simplex can cause symptoms such as fever, a reddish rash in the vaginal area and the surrounding area, then a lump filled with fluid in clusters, feels itchy, hot, sore, and can be accompanied by a fishy vaginal discharge. Herpes simplex if not treated can cause complications such as bacterial infection or spread of herpes to other places.

Syphilis can occur in women, but syphilis is usually asymptomatic in women, and syphilis does not cause painful vaginal sores.

But besides that, the condition you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

Chlamydia Vaginal irritation with bacterial infection Abscess HIV / AIDS. Therefore, to determine the cause of your condition, you should consult a dermatologist directly so that the doctor can check your condition directly. maybe later additional tests such as blood tests or vaginal mucus tests will be carried out if necessary.

It is recommended that you do not have sex with multiple partners. use a condom if you have sex. Do not smoke. consumption of nutritious food.

here is an article that you can read about herpes simplex

may be useful. thank you

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