Fever, Aches And Aches In The Joints, And Bitter Tongue?

Good night, Wednesday and Thursday I have a maximum fever of 38.8 u0026deg; c and are feverish, my body feels achy and the toe joint aches to ache to grasp. Bitter tongue has no appetite Friday improved and no fever, then Saturday I accidentally touched the back of the ear there was a lump, and on the back of the head there were also 2, the longer felt a little painful pain, about that why?

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Hello Rizka,

Thank you for the question.

Fever, aches and aches in the joints, and bitter tongue mainly appear when the body has an infection, for example due to viruses, bacteria, or other microorganisms. This infection can attack various organ systems, for example the digestive tract, respiratory tract, liver, and so on. In addition to infection, your complaints can also occur related to hormonal disorders, inflammatory disorders, fibromyalgia, psychological disorders, the influence of drugs, and many other possibilities.

Lumps that feel painful and appear behind the ear after experiencing the above complaints are likely to indicate an inflamed lymph node (lymphadenitis). Indeed, this condition can occur related to infections, including infections that can cause complaints above. It could also be, these lumps arise due to leukemia, lymphoma, mastoiditis, skin infections, and several other factors.

To be clear, you need to see yourself directly to the doctor. Usually, just by checking physically, the doctor can predict the cause of the lump as well as determine the best treatment. If necessary, you can be directed to undergo supporting tests (such as x-rays, blood tests, or biopsies) and even also referred to the right specialist doctor (for example, internist, surgeon, etc.).

In the meantime, you should not manipulate haphazard lumps that appear. Get plenty of rest, improve your personal hygiene, and compress warm lumps when it feels painful.

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