Fever After A Week Of Appendicitis Surgery?

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Fever is a very common symptom found postoperatively. Postoperative fever is not always dangerous, depending on how high your fever is and other symptoms that accompany it. Postoperative fever can be caused by several possibilities, including:

infections such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections, infections in surgical incisions, sepsis or blood infections
blood transfusion
DVT or deep vein thrombosis
a leak in your intestine that has been cut off causing inflammation of the peritoneum (inner lining of the abdominal cavity)

If the fever occurs weeks after surgery, the cause of the fever may also be unrelated to the operation performed, for example due to other infections that are not related to surgery (for example you also accidentally get dengue fever or typhoid fever, or malaria), autoimmune diseases, other diseases that cause inflammation, etc.

You should take measurements of body temperature objectively with a thermometer first. If indeed your body temperature is high enough (more than 38 degrees Celsius), or your fever is not too high but it has lasted more than 3 days, you should immediately consult your doctor so that you can find the exact cause of the fever.

Make sure you drink more amounts to prevent dehydration (your body fluids will disappear a lot when you have a fever). Check your scars every day, make sure the wound is not swollen, does not hurt more, does not release odorous fluid, and dries properly. If there are problems with the surgical wound, call your doctor immediately.

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