Fever After Taking A UTI Treatment?

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Hello, I am stiven, 27 years old, I was diagnosed with a UTI because I saw lime in my kidney, after taking the prescribed medication, some symptoms such as pain during urination and bloody urine were gone, but for the fever that did not disappear always fever from morning until noon, even though the antibiotics are finished drinking …

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UTI or urinary tract infection, is an infection that occurs in the patient's urinary tract due to bacterial, viral, or fungal contamination. Complaints that are often felt by patients can be pain when urinating, reddish urine due to injury, fever, back pain, or increased urinary frequency. In women, UTI complaints are often not accompanied by disturbing symptoms.
Some triggers for UTI are:
1. contamination of microorganisms from unhygien conditions in the perineal and rectal areas
2. kidney infection
3. complications of surgery
4. kidney stones
5. sexually transmitted diseases
While fever is an increase in body temperature more than the normal value that occurs due to inflammation, infection, or trauma to the human body system.
In connection with your question, if a UTI diagnosis has been established and treatment has been given so that the UTI complaint has improved, but a fever complaint is still bothering you, then the fever condition that you are still feeling might be caused by the process of inflammation of the urinary tract that still exists. However, it is also necessary to do further evaluation by a doctor to ascertain the cause of the fever that you are still feeling, either due to strep throat, flu, ear infections, digestive disorders. The doctor will also evaluate the antibiotic treatment that has been given so that it will be adjusted to your current clinical condition.
Therefore, you should consult with the doctor who treats you, so that the doctor can ascertain other possible causes of the fever you are still feeling and evaluate the progress of your clinical condition, so that further treatment can be done.
For now, it's best if you do a number of things to help you recover from your condition, such as:
1. avoid physical fatigue
2. Avoid cigarettes when smoking
3. enough water
4. complete your healthy nutritional needs
Thus the info we can convey.

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