Fever And Ear Pain?

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Tonight, my 10-year-old pediatrician, tonight he has a fever, a headache, pain in the left ear, I asked the doctor for advice

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Fever and ear pain are often caused by an infection in the ear. Infection can occur in the middle ear and inner ear. The following are possible abnormalities in the ear, namely:

Otitis externa, which is an infection of the ear canal resulting in pus-filled bumps like pimples. This often causes pain in the ear, pain when the ear is touched, and can be accompanied by fever without hearing loss. Acute otitis media, an infection of the middle ear, often occurs after experiencing respiratory infections, allergies, or infections in the sinus area. Ear pain is a common complaint and can be accompanied by fever and hearing loss. Bacterial infection is the most common cause of this disease. Yeast infection in the ear canal, often causing pain accompanied by itching. Infection of the gums / teeth, can cause pain to the ears accompanied by fever in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. In connection with your question, it is necessary to evaluate directly with examination by a doctor to find the exact cause. The doctor will perform an examination with an otoscope to see the condition in your child's ear. If there are no signs of infection, symptoms often reduce and resolve on their own without any antibiotic treatment. However, if there are signs of infection in the ear, then antibiotics according to a doctor's prescription must be consumed to prevent more serious complications. However, you don't need to worry first, before going to the doctor, do the treatment at home by:

Giving warm water compresses to help reduce fever and pain Provision of pain relievers and fever-reducing drugs with paracetamol Eat nutritious foods and consume lots of water Avoid scraping your ears with a cotton bud directly That's all the information I can convey, hopefully it helps

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