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Tonight, 1 year ago I had to undergo neurosurgery due to an accident, and I often felt headaches and high fever, was that related to my ex operation? And my friends often say I am a person who is difficult to control emotions even difficult to remember something what has to do with my operation ?? thank you

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Hello Indy,

Patients who experience a traffic accident can experience head trauma / head injury. Head injuries can be categorized into mild, moderate, and severe as assessed by the patient's level of consciousness when examined. Various disorders in the skull can affect the patient's consciousness, ranging from bleeding outside the brain or bleeding inside the brain, as well as swelling of brain tissue.

Adult skull bones can not increase in volume (stretch), so that if there is bleeding in there, there will be an increase in pressure in the cavity of the skull that can push the brain so that there is disruption of circulation to brain tissue, resulting in brain tissue damage. The impact of the accident itself can also cause a direct effect on the brain tissue damage in the form of bruises and if there is bleeding (ruptured blood vessels) then certain brain areas will not get temporary blood supply so that the potential for damage. Accidents that cause open fractures in the skull can directly cause damage to brain tissue / loss of some tissue.

Wounds to the brain tissue will certainly cause "scars" just like wounds on other body parts. The long term effects of head injuries, especially moderate - severe include:

 Chronic headaches Repeated seizures (epilepsy) Visual disturbances Become more sensitive to sounds and odors Motor disturbances Sleep disorders Cognitive deficits, attention or memory Changes in behavior, including aggression Risk of increased dementia This long-term effect depends on which part of the brain is damaged due to collisions during an accident occur. The treatment given for rehabilitation of patients after head trauma varies depending on the abnormalities that occur. Some patients may experience sequels such as severe cognitive impairment or paralysis of one side of the body which makes it dependent on others to carry out daily activities.

However, if you experience severe headaches that appear suddenly, are progressive (continue to gain weight, do not decrease), there is pain in the neck, high fever> 3 days, spray vomiting, seizures that have just happened (never before a seizure), better consult directly with a doctor. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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