Fever And Post Constipation In Children Aged 1 Year.?

Illustration of Fever And Post Constipation In Children Aged 1 Year.?
Illustration: Fever And Post Constipation In Children Aged 1 Year.? aafp.org

my 1 year old child experienced constipation 4 days ago. after the stool got out 2 days later Fever and even dragging. u003cbr u003 can you give me an explanation!

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CHAPTER disorders (both diarrhea and constipation) that appear accompanied by fever can occur due to many factors, one of which is typhoid fever, or ordinary people often call it typhus. This condition is caused by Salmonella typhi bacterial infection that enters through the digestive tract, for example due to ingestion of food that has been contaminated with faeces of other typhus sufferers. Not only bowel disorders and fever, typhus also often makes sufferers experience nausea, vomiting, headaches, abdominal pain, weakness, skin rashes, and many other complaints.

Aside from typhus, your child's complaints may also indicate other organ system infections, intestinal inflammation, intolerance, malabsorption, food poisoning, food allergies, and so on.

To be clear, you try to check your child directly to the doctor or the nearest pediatrician, yes. Laboratory examination or ultrasound will usually be recommended if the doctor suspects a condition that is quite serious.

For now, you can do it first:

Feed your baby breast milk more often
As much as possible, reduce the provision of instant food and drinks to babies
Expand give your baby water and foods that are easily digested, for example those whose consistency is softer
Make sure the food and drinks your baby consumes are hygienic and not stale
Give your baby paracetamol if the temperature rises more than 37.5 degrees Celsius
Do not carelessly give babies drugs without a doctor's prescription

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