Fever And Rigid Body

Illustration of Fever And Rigid Body
Illustration: Fever And Rigid Body

Good morning doc, my father was 69 years ago on the road yesterday, then the fever returned to chills the doc, then now in the morning the body is stiff like that, the tongue is also hooked, but there is no dizziness, the breath is also not tightness of the dock, cough is also not there ,, why, doc, before I got paracetamol when I got a fever, please help me, doc? Thank you,,

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Hello Yanti Ayangty,

Fever is an increase in body temperature> 38 degrees Celsius (can be measured using a thermometer). Fever is easily found when the body has an infection. In addition to infection, fever can also occur in conditions of sterile inflammation and malignancy (cancer). Fever often does not appear in the elderly because the immunity process is not as good as young patients.

Fever in the elderly can arise from respiratory infections (most often), urinary tract infections, systemic infections (sepsis), central nervous system infections, and other infections. Other accompanying symptoms that occur with fever can be used as a clue to a particular disease.

What do you mean by rigid body? The body feels stiff or the patient has a tonic spasm (body stiffens, patient in an unconscious condition, eyes widen to a certain side)? This is certainly related to very different medical implications. The body feels stiff, especially in joint areas is a normal complaint found in elderly patients, especially when suffering from inflammation in the joint area. Other signs can be seen such as swelling, redness and pain in the joints.

If the patient is stiff due to tonic seizures, of course this is a medical emergency that requires you to immediately bring the patient to the emergency department. Seizures with new onset in elderly patients need to be suspected also because of causes other than infection in the brain region, namely due to a stroke or due to a tumor in the brain.

Bitter tongue can arise due to inflammation in the respiratory tract area, bad oral hygiene (do not brush teeth regularly), dentures used, or the presence of gastric acid reflux (bitter taste - acid in the mouth is dominant in the morning or after long lie). Patients who cough with colds, nasal congestion, also often complain of bitter tongue due to interference with the senses.

Fever can be treated independently by giving warm compresses, administering heat-lowering drugs (paracetamol) regularly, providing adequate rest, nutritious food and adequate drinking. But things to watch out for and require you to immediately bring your father to see a doctor are:

High fever> 40 degrees Celsius
Fever> 3 days
Fever accompanied by spontaneous bleeding (nosebleeds, bleeding gums, bloody chapters)
Fever is accompanied by severe headaches or stiffness in the neck
Fever + seizures
Fever + severe stomach pain
Other disorders with sudden onset such as: suddenly paralyzed half the body, suddenly unable to speak / talk pelo, etc.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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