Fever And Ringing In The Ears?

Hello nI have had a fever for 2 weeks. Now it is getting better even though not fit. My ears both buzzed when my fever was very high about a week ago but without feeling any pain or other complaints (eg ear pain, discharge, etc.). Currently the left ear is healed, but not the right ear. And the head feels light but feels abnormal. What causes the ringing in my right ear? is the buzzing in my ears dangerous? And can the drone be completely cured? NThank you

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The complaint of ringing in the ears or known in medical terms is tinnitus. This condition can be a sign of certain medical disorders either originating from the ear organ itself or originating from other parts of the body around the ear. Some of the conditions that can cause your current complaint are as follows:

The presence of disorders such as inflammation or infection of the middle and inner ear

The disease process associated with previous fever

Injury to the middle ear

The existence of prolonged and repeated exposure to noise (noise pollution)

Effects of certain drugs

Presence of Meniere's disease. This condition occurs due to disorders of the inner ear whose main symptom can be a balance disorder such as dizziness.

Cassification or stiffness of the ear bones

Certain psychic conditions.

Ear infections that may occur may not be accompanied by a discharge, but it is possible that your current complaint can be caused by this infection. If your complaint does not improve or even gets worse, it is advisable to check with an ENT specialist so that a detailed examination of the inner ear can be done.

That's all I can say, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Tiwi

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