Fever And Shortness Of Breath Am I Infected With The Corona Virus?

Illustration of Fever And Shortness Of Breath Am I Infected With The Corona Virus?
Illustration: Fever And Shortness Of Breath Am I Infected With The Corona Virus?

Yesterday I received a package from Jakarta on the 26th, when the corona was high again, I didn’t remember the high school at that time, whether I would be contaminated or not … when I was on the 27th, I just remembered that the box was infected with the Corona virus. , that’s my guess doc, right when I have a fever, my temperature is in the range of 37, I’ve started to panic, I tried to be contaminated with a virus or not, I panicked doc, I was really crowded like a doc, but it still dropped , then I took the medicine for sanmol so that my medicine could run out, tomorrow on the 28th my shu started to be normal 36.8, because I also took the sanmol medicine, but the feeling of shortness has not disappeared, I still have a problem with the corona, until 29 pm tightness, even less disturbed, but I don’t cough and don’t squeeze my throat, just a fever in the middle of 27, and tightness until now, I don’t know if my stomach acid stress rises, that’s how the doctor feels if I start corona, thanks for the time, please hurry Don’t be blast

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Thank you for the question.

Fever means an increase in body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius. So, if your body temperature is still less than that number, it means it is not right to call you a fever.

Referring to the information you mentioned, chances are, the tightness that you feel does appear related to increased stomach acid (dyspepsia). This condition, can be triggered one of them by anxiety, fear, and sadness, including when you are worried about contracting the disease due to package shipments you receive. It could also, dyspepsia arises because of other factors, such as severe mental stress, unhealthy eating patterns, the effect of consumption of certain foods or drugs, hormonal fluctuations, obesity, as well as a disease (such as GERD, dyspepsia, cholangitis, and pancreatitis). Shortness can also occur due to factors other than dyspepsia, for example intestinal obstruction, food allergies or other things, asthma, bronchitis, pneumothorax, effusion of the plera, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, panic attacks, specific phobias, psychosomatic disorders, heart disorders, kidney disorders, effects medicine side, and so on.

You need to understand, that transmission of COVID-19 (a new Corona virus infection) occurs mainly through droplets, namely splashes of airway mucus, which can come out when people cough, sneeze, spit, even talk. Transmission of this disease indirectly, especially through inanimate objects such as the package you have received, seems to be quite small in potential, especially if the delivery period of the package requires a long time (more than 1 day). But still, in order to minimize the risk of disease transmission (for example because the courier delivering the package suffers from COVID-19), you are advised to spray the disinfectant liquid first on the package before opening.

Our advice, if you are just mild tightness intensity, you should relieve first by:

Compress warm chest tightness
Avoid consuming foods and drinks that contain gas
Eat more regularly, small portions but often
Don't lie down right after eating
Calm your heart and mind, don't stress
Do not carelessly take medicine without doctor's advice
Discipline to live a healthy lifestyle, including by exercising every day, getting up and sleeping more regularly, stay away from cigarettes, drink lots, and eat healthy food
Increase silence at home, improve personal hygiene, and maintain social distance so that your risk of contracting COVID-19 is minimal

Furthermore, your tightness can be checked directly to a doctor or internist if the intensity is very disturbing, or accompanied by high fever for more than 3 days, wheezing, severe vomiting, and other more severe complaints.

Hope this helps ...

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