Fever And Sore Throat Spreading To The Ears?

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Good morning …. r nI want to ask … r n On 27 kmaren I had a fever and could not afford to do work .. r nAnd I immediately went to the clinic .. r nFrom the clinic I gave fever medicine and sore throat medication. r nMy fever has gone down but my left side of my throat has not healed yet and spread pain to my ear even 2 days ago .. r nWhen I take inflammation medicine .. r nI feel stiff nape heart beats fast. r nSometimes you sweat a lot. r nPlease for directions … r n ????? r nNEW SOLAR RABBI

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Hello Rabbi

The nose, ears and throat are connected to one another. That is why many of them initially only experience complaints in the throat, then eventually feel that there is also a complaint in their ears and / or nose.

The treatment of this condition depends on what caused it, the medical conditions that you may experience are, strep throat accompanied by bacterial or viral infections, upper respiratory tract infections, middle ear infections, ear-throat connecting canals that are blocked by fluid / mucus, to barotrauma (due to changes in high air pressure over a short period of time). However, the above conditions are only a possibility, so the Rabbi is expected to consult a doctor directly.

Complaints of palpitations and profuse sweating could be due to side effects of the drugs being consumed, however, it may turn out that these complaints are not related to your complaint nor previous treatment. But it is a medical condition / disease in its own right, which is why you are advised to go to the doctor directly so that you can do a medical examination on yourself.

If you are sure that complaints always appear after taking medication, then it would be best to stop and immediately return to control to be given another class of drugs as a substitute

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