Fever At Certain Hours But Almost Every Day

Illustration of Fever At Certain Hours But Almost Every Day
Illustration: Fever At Certain Hours But Almost Every Day

Mlm dokI want to ask, already many today I often feel the fever u0026amp; not feeling well at that time. . Usually I have a fever at noon on Friday. my body is not feeling good but it does not last long Well in the afternoon around 6 hrs I have a fever again just the back that I feel hot for a long time J So all over and I feel like my breath feels hot too sometimes sometimes feel pain in the shoulder as the left side to the arm, but the pain is just that it doesn’t continue often but I already got the fever medicine from the doctor when I was sick for around 3 weeks ago because the obtaining was still there. tomorrow it will be normal again but this will be like that again in the hours that I said earlier … How could I know, doc? Thanks

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Hello Nofita Sari,

The normal temperature of the human body is between 36.5-37.5 degrees Celsius. Body temperature higher than 38 degrees Celsius is said to have a fever (febrile). Fever is a response of the body that often arises when the body has an infection (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, etc.). Fever can also occur if there is an inflammatory condition of body tissue.

Lots of diseases that have symptoms of fever, ranging from mild to severe illness. Infection in the skin, respiratory tract, digestive tract, central nervous system, all can cause fever. Diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, typhoid fever, all have main symptoms of fever.

Almost all diseases also cause complaints of rheumatic pain in the joints and bones. Flu caused by a viral infection in the respiratory tract is very common cause complaints of joint pains. Other specific diseases such as septic arthritis, rheumatic fever can cause inflammation in the joints, marked swelling, redness, and pain can also be accompanied by fever.

So we can not conclude the fever and rheumatic pain you experience because of what. Need to ask further, how many days has the fever been there, is there a fever-free day, there are respiratory complaints such as coughing, sore throat, colds, complaints in the digestive tract such as diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, how does the urinating pattern have difficulties? Do you have other family members living in the same house who have a similar fever? there is a history of traveling to malaria endemic areas? Is there a neighbor or house member affected by dengue hemorrhagic fever? Many questions need to be asked to narrow the choice of disease diagnosis.

The fever that you feel must also be measured with a thermometer to make sure the fever is correct or not. Direct physical examination is also needed to be able to find distinctive signs that lead to certain diseases.

Investigations such as complete blood tests, urine analysis, X-rays, and so on are adjusted to the results of physical examination + history to find out the focus of infection, causes of infection, and help plan therapy.

Taking a fever-lowering drug (paracetamol) is permitted while following the recommended dosage. If the fever persists high> 3 days, accompanied by complaints of severe headache, pain in the neck, spraying vomiting, severe abdominal pain, rashes appearing all over the body, difficulty in urinating / defecating, you should see a doctor directly.

* In the midst of an outbreak of Covid-19 obey preventative measures when you want to leave the house / go to a health facility.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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