Fever, Bapil, Diarrhea Accompanied By Thrush In Children Aged 20 Months.?

Illustration of Fever, Bapil, Diarrhea Accompanied By Thrush In Children Aged 20 Months.?
Illustration: Fever, Bapil, Diarrhea Accompanied By Thrush In Children Aged 20 Months.? image.isu.pub

Good night. My son is 20 months, 2 days ago he continued to fuss because of fever and Bapil and diarrhea, but not often, I brought the doctor then was given medicine but only in the morning … but from last night before getting the medicine and all day he slept continuously , even if I wake up I just ask to drink a lot of people who are thirsty after that they go to sleep again … But when I saw it turned out that there was one of his broken teeth that didn’t break down because of falling or what, his lips were sprue. going to the doctor again?

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Fever, coughing, and colds in children generally indicate respiratory infections, for example rhinosinusitis, tonsillopharyngitis, or also more serious conditions, such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Other conditions, such as allergies, irritations, to viral or other bacterial infections can also aggravate your child's complaints. The liquid stool (which is often called the common people with diarrhea), if the frequency does not exceed 3 times a day, can not be said to have diarrhea, and does not always also indicate an abnormality. Your child's complaints, if it is worrying enough, should be checked directly by a doctor or pediatrician in order to provide appropriate treatment.

Your child, who appears to be sleeping more often, is most likely due to the side effects of the medication that the doctor has given (for example, antihistamines). Can also, often this sleep occurs because the child feels weak and unwell due to illness. The canker sores that your child is experiencing, can occur due to the influence of the infection, can also be caused by trauma due to tooth fractures or being bitten, vitamin C deficiency, fungal infections in the oral cavity, or can also be due to immune disorders (such as Crohn's disease, Behcet's disease) , etc).

We recommend that you take medication as advised by the doctor while doing the following tips:

Give children more warm water
Don't overdo it to give children spicy, oily, artificial sweets
Do not also get used to hawking children carelessly, especially for food and drinks that are not necessarily kept clean
If the child has an allergic talent, keep it away from the allergen trigger
Don't use a fan or the air conditioner is too cold as long as the child is still experiencing coughs and colds
Let the child rest more
Keep children from pollution, smoke, dust and excessive cold temperatures
Take care of the child's personal hygiene, including by regularly brushing his teeth
Do not carelessly give children drugs without a doctor's prescription

If you have finished treating the doctor your child's complaint still does not seem to improve, you try to check it back to the doctor or pediatrician to be treated properly according to his condition. For fever that occurs more than 3 days, often, the doctor will also direct your child. to undergo blood tests or other supporting tests.

I hope this helps.

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