Fever, Bone Aches, Body Feels Itchy And Skin Rashes Appear?

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Hello, I have a high fever, then my bones feel achy? That’s why he is. Now I don’t have a fever anymore, even now my body gets itchy, my skin looks like it has color spots, why is that? Mhon was given a response. Thank you

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Hi Hermee,

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Fever, bone pain, itching, and a rash on the skin can indicate that you have measles. This disease is caused by a viral infection, which can be transmitted easily through inhalation of airway mucus splashes, for example when a person coughs, sneezes, or talks. It is also possible that transmission occurs indirectly, for example when shaking hands with a patient's contaminated hand or when in contact with a patient's personal contaminated material. This condition is more prone to occur in people with a history of incomplete measles immunization and vitamin A deficiency.

Clinically, measles often causes sufferers to experience fever, aches and aches in muscles, bones, and joints, coughing, colds, sore throat, and inflammation in the eyes. After the fever decreases, generally the patient will also experience a reddish rash on almost his entire body, accompanied by Koplik spots located in the oral cavity.

Not only measles, can also, complaints that you feel arise due to other causes, for example insect bites or other animals, dengue fever, scarlatina fever, Singapore flu, miliaria, folliculitis, chicken pox, other viral or bacterial infections, atopic dermatitis, etc.

You can consult yourself directly to a doctor or dermatologist so that it is clear what the exact cause of your complaint. Further examination, such as laboratory, examination of skin tissue samples, etc. may also be done by doctors if deemed necessary. At this time, you should live:

Drink more water, at least 10 glasses per day. Get plenty of rest. A diligent shower with antiseptic soap. Use clean, soft clothing. Do not scratch excessively itchy skin. Do not exchange personal items with others. Keep your environment clean. Eat nutritious food. keep food that makes you allergic. To reduce itching, you can first apply calamine lotion or sprinkle salicyl powder on itchy skin. Hope it helps.

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