Fever Children Go Up And Down In A Short Time.?

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Good morning doctor, I want to ask as a parent of a 19-month-old girl, from yesterday (already 2 days) my child has a fever that is tolerable up to 38.6 ° C using a digital thermo in his armpit. The fever first appeared in the middle of the night while sleeping, the fever went down every hour and then the rhythm appeared again and again like that until now, the condition of my child was still playing normal laughing, did not look lethargic or coughing and colds at all on his body was not there any symptoms. But indeed it is sometimes easy to fuss when it’s silent. Previously not given any medicine, but today given paracetam drop. What do you think the cause is, doctor? And when should I have my child checked by a doctor / clinic ?? thank you for your answer

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Hello Mr. Abbu Abdillah thank you for consulting us on HealthReplies.com. We will try to explain to you about the fever conditions experienced by your child.

According to his understanding, fever is a condition of the body where when measured using a temperature gauge the temperature will rise past the normal limit. For normal values ​​the body temperature in children is 36 to 37.2 degrees Celsius on the armpit thermometer, but if more than that it can be said with fever. However, high body temperature does not always indicate the severity of the child's condition.

In some cases, minor infections, such as flu virus infections, can cause a child's body temperature to rise to 40 degrees Celsius, and sometimes serious infections can occur without a fever. Fever is the body's natural mechanism in fighting infection, which occurs because the brain gives orders to increase body temperature. So that in fact the fever also has benefits for the body in fighting infections that enter the body. Some causes of high fever in children you need to know:

Infections: some infectious diseases that can cause high fever in children are flu, roseola, tonsillitis, ear infections, upper respiratory tract infections (ARI), kidney infections, urinary tract infections (UTI), chicken pox, and whooping cough Clothing and temperature environment: fever can also occur when a child uses clothes that are too thick, especially in infants because the system in his body is still not perfect, so it is recommended to wear clothes or clothes that are thick only when the temperature is cold. immunization effect: sometimes immunization can also cause a mild fever, because most immunizations include introducing a weakened virus or bacteria that functions to initiate the formation of the body's defense system against the virus or bacteria that are inserted. This is not dangerous, it's just that sometimes it feels a little uncomfortable when the fever starts to appear, but it can still be treated with over-the-counter medications. You need to know the symptoms that need to be watched for in a fever that occurs in children and at any time need to be immediately checked with a doctor or taken to the nearest health service such as:

When fever is measured with a body temperature thermometer of 38.8 to 39.4 degrees Celsius in children aged 6 months or more. stiff neck spasms diarrhea or vomiting prolonged pale skin lazy to move do not want to eat appear rashes on the skin fuss / cry without stopping headaches severe abdominal pain limp / do not respond to anything including with excitatory pain appear symptoms of dehydration such as dry mouth, no tears when cry If it is accompanied by conditions like the above or fever that does not respond to the drugs that have been given, then your child should be taken along to the doctor to get treatment as early as possible.

Do important things when your child has a fever like:

make sure the child can drink enough water so as not to become dehydrated, keep the temperature cool and comfortable for the child to multiply and do not go often out of the house, place a small towel soaked in warm water to compress the child if the fever still does not go down with medication. if the air is very cold, then put on a blanket or protective jacket for children so that their body temperature does not go down and initiate a fever. Thus we can convey, hopefully our explanation can be useful for you. thanks.

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