Fever, Cold Sweat, Aching Eyelids And Head Feels Heavy?

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hello good evening, i ask. Less than 3 days ago late in the evening I had a fever accompanied by a feverish body, my body felt aching or aching and my head felt heavy, coughing, nausea, vomiting did not exist at all, so that evening and night I did not buy and take medicine because thinking just an ordinary fever. Then later in the afternoon I was unable to restrain my aching body and fever, so I finally bought sanmol medicine and a multivitamin at a pharmacy near my house. after I drink to the next day better until now, but now I after the fever, both morning and evening I sweat cold like that, the upper eyelid feels pgal and even if it weighs a little so until today, about that the possibility or the assumption what symptoms or diseases?

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There are complaints of fever, chills, body aches or aches that you feel, but then get better after you take paracetamold drugs and vitamins. The fever that you feel is getting better, the aches and aches that you feel are also better; while complaints of cold sweat and eyelids feel heavy and aching indicate your body has not fully healed or has not healed optimally.

Fever that is improved shows a decrease in body temperature than previously higher than the normal value, after resting and taking paracetamol, the next day, fever improves and body temperature returns to normal. However, the recovery phase that you need may still take longer, either for the next day or two.

If after the fever improves or after the fever goes down, you return to your activities or even do heavier activities, then your body that is still recovering will decline again, become weaker and more uncomfortable if you do not immediately rest your body for some more time. If you are still forced, then complaints of fever may re-emerge or your body's stamina decreases again, so that the recovery period that you live will be delayed and longer.

Therefore, the presence of complaints of cold sweat and heavy eyes give a signal to you, that your body is still weak and requires additional rest periods of one or two days. Because your body has not yet recovered, with the activities you do, your body will be forced to fulfill your busy schedule, so that at one time or when you are active or resting, cold sweat and heavy eyes are getting more and more disturbing for you. By adding a rest for a day or two, the blood flow will be back to optimal, oxygen entering the body is more effective, the energy you consume can be used for recovery, your body muscles will be stronger and your eyes will be brighter or better.

Thus, any accompanying complaints that you feel after the fever has improved, can be caused by a recovery period that you have not lived through thoroughly and properly. To help restore your stamina, several attempts you can make, such as:

Avoid sleeping late
Take a break from your routine activities
Enough water
Inadequate healthy and nutritious food
Avoid cigarettes
Avoid spicy, oily and risky snacks

However, all this still requires evaluation and direct examination by your doctor. Because, complaints that you feel need to be evaluated and examined directly by a doctor, without a direct physical examination, the cause of this complaint cannot be ascertained; whether because it is still recovering or because of other causes of illness, such as low blood pressure, stomach disorders, eye irritation, or foreign objects in your eyes.

If your doctor has done an examination, then all possible causes of this complaint can be ascertained and further treatment can be given by your doctor.

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