Fever, Colds, Coughing And Vomiting Like Worms Come Out?

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Hello, my sister aged 1 year 9 months sick with symptoms such as fever, runny nose, cough, and vomiting. some hearts and then my family just returned from out of town (Ambon). my mom said my sister threw up but like a worm came out, I’m not sure what the worm meant. mama said that my sister was having a worm. this morning we had just been examined from the puskesmas but I didn’t know what the illness was and had been given medicine. is this really a worm or something? thank you

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Hello Albsy, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Fever, cough, runny nose and vomiting can be symptoms of an illness. Many diseases have such symptoms, including ISPA, influenza, and gastritis. Conditions of fatigue, weather changes, and unhealthy eating patterns will cause you to be easily attacked by various diseases, especially viruses because your immune system is decreasing. Diseases like the flu, and other infections such as dengue fever and ARI can attack you.

If you and your younger sibling have just traveled from a foreign country or are infected by local transmission (areas where a person infected with corona virus from a positive population has COVID-19 nearby, not because of contracting from another area), then has a fever, cough, and tightness, so be aware that the infection is a result of the corona virus. But if you don't feel coughing and tightness and you haven't traveled abroad before, then you are less likely to get COVID-19. According to research, symptoms of COVID-19 will appear within 2 days to 2 weeks after a person is exposed to the corona virus.

See a doctor immediately if you experience the symptoms mentioned above. People suspected of being infected with the Corona virus should be immediately examined at the nearest hospital emergency room in order to be given good and proper treatment. In order to increase endurance, do the following:

 Consumption of nutritious and balanced food Increase vegetables and fruit Drink plenty of water, a minimum of 8 glasses per day Frequently wash your hands so that cleanliness is maintained and the risk of transmission of the virus decreases Manage stress Adequate sleep is roundworm (ascariasis). To make sure the cause of the disease that your sister feels, then your sister is better examined directly by a pediatrician so that the treatment given is appropriate. If fever, cough and runny nose are accompanied by vomiting, there is a possibility that an increase in stomach acid will occur in your younger sibling causing vomiting symptoms. Because what happens a lot is eating contaminated food, food poisoning, digestive disorders due to bacteria or due to irregular eating patterns, stress, lack of rest time, or can also be allergic to certain foods. Avoid eating carelessly because it is feared to be contaminated by bacteria, especially if you are traveling. Always wash your hands well before or after eating to ensure that your hands are clean and do not contaminate the food you will eat and avoid parasites such as worms that might be eaten if you don't wash your hands first.

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