Fever, Discomfort In The Throat And Slight Tightness?

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Good night doctor. I want to ask. I had a slight fever 3 days ago maybe because I was exhausted from caring for my sick toddler. Then my throat is uncomfortable like coughing but not coughing. and today my breath is a little tight. In my city there was a positive person who died and died in the hospital in Medan. I rarely travel. But I had time to town and to the market near the house. Do I have to get checked out immediately? What can I do at home? Thank you

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Hello Iin,

Thank you for the question.

Fever, accompanied by discomfort in the throat and a little tightness actually can not only be caused by COVID-19 (a new Corona virus infection). It could also be, your complaints arise due to viral or other bacterial infections, allergies, irritation, gastric acid reflux, immune disorders, foreign body aspiration, and various other diseases.

Referring to your information, your actual potential for contracting COVID-19 is quite small, considering you have never had direct contact with sufferers of COVID-19. However, considering that COVID-19 sufferers have been detected in your environment, it's a good idea to stay alert.

We recommend that you first try to resolve your complaint by:

 Take paracetamol while you have a fever. Use a mask, especially when in contact with a baby or when coughing appears. Do not travel outside the home, except for business and emergencies. Don't eat cold, spicy, and oily foods. Improve personal hygiene and the environment in which you live. If there is a high fever for up to 3 days, or if you have severe tightness and vomiting, you can see yourself directly to the doctor. With a direct physical examination, or supported by blood tests, sputum, also x-rays, of course the doctor can give you the best management, including referring you to a doctor of internal medicine if deemed necessary.

Hope this helps ...

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