Fever, Dizziness And Weakness, Do I Get Corona Virus?

Right now I feel a fever, I feel cold … But I don’t know what my body temperature is. My head is also dizzy and my body is weak

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In general, a person is declared feverish if the body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees. Which is safe, fever is a process of the immune system fighting infection that occurs in the body. Apart from infection, dehydration can also cause an increase in body temperature.

It is said that you feel cold, which can lead to a lack of fluids which can function to maintain body temperature. Body leams can also be a sign, that you lack fluids, nutrition and calories in the body.

Nutrients that are not met can be caused due to disorders of the stomach and intestines, so that absorption of vitamins in food is not perfect. Disturbances in the intestine can be caused due to an increase in stomach acid, which is characterized by heartburn and tightness in the lower chest.

Dizziness is a condition where blood vessels dilate due to certain diseases, but in addition to blood vessel dilation, stress can also cause headaches.

If you are worried about COVID disease, you better stay at home. Avoid meeting with many people, be diligent in washing your hands with soap, and eat nutritious foods. If you experience a dry cough, sore throat and fever above 38 degrees, and shortness of breath. Then immediately check yourself to the doctor.

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