Fever, Dizziness, Runny Nose With Swelling In The Eyes?

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Afternoon … My child is 10 years old. Last night the body was warm and complained of dizziness then I gave bodrexin according to the dose. But then after a while his eyes were swollen side by side like an allergy but then he slept. The next morning I saw the swelling was reduced but there were a few bumps on the face and the nose was rather red. Later in the afternoon the eye next to it is a bit swollen and it’s just not too big like last night. Until this afternoon his body was still rather hot and the cold was also red and the bumps on his face were still there. His head is also dizzy. Now I compress with warm water. May I give Paracetamol sanmol? Is this a sign of the flu or what … thanks for the input … Greetings

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Fever, dizziness, runny nose, and a reddish-looking nose may indicate rhinitis, which is inflammation of the nasal cavity. The trigger for this condition is often due to a viral infection. Although, it can also, rhinitis occurs due to bacterial infections, allergies, disorders of blood vessels around the nose, side effects of drugs, irritation of the airways, and so on.

Swollen eyes and bumps that your child experiences can also be a result of the rhinitis they suffer, it can also occur due to other reasons, such as allergies (can also be allergic to drugs), insect bites or other animal marks, blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), infection skin around the eyes, preseptal cellulitis, and so on.

In addition to rhinitis, there are still many other conditions that can cause your child's complaints, for example sinusitis, the entry of foreign objects into the airways, nasal polyps, to viral infections and other bacteria that have prodromal symptoms similar to respiratory infections.

Considering the complaint has only happened in less than 3 days, you should not panic first. Take the following steps to improve the complaint:

Give children more to drink warm water, may also add honey, ginger, or lemon juice Ask the baby to bathe using warm water, also wear warm clothes, wash your child's hands clean, do not use air conditioning or a fan at home not exposed to dust, pollution, and harmful fumes (including cigarette smoke) Give the child food of balanced nutritional value, also give him lots of fruits that are rich in vitamin C Do not carelessly give children drugs without a prescription (especially those not including over-the-counter drugs) To help reduce fever and dizziness, you can drink your child first drug paracetemol, compresses also armpits and neck with warm water Do not panic excessively However, if in 3 days your child's condition does not improve, do not delay, check your child directly to the doctor or doctor child specialist so that the conditions can be handled well, yes .. In mild conditions, often enough doctors provide beb why the type of drug so that complaints improve. However, if it does not improve, the doctor may also consider further examination, such as laboratory and / or X-ray.

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