Fever, Dry Throat And Lumps, Also Colds Or Corona?

Illustration of Fever, Dry Throat And Lumps, Also Colds Or Corona?
Illustration: Fever, Dry Throat And Lumps, Also Colds Or Corona?

Hello doc, I want to ask

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Hello Indriade,

Thank you for the question.

Fever, dry throat and lumps, as well as colds may indeed indicate you have an infection, it could be due to a virus (including the Corona virus that causes COVID-19), bacteria, or other microorganisms. Referring to your testimony, where near you there are people who have just died due to COVID-19, it can be said that you are also at risk of contracting COVID-19, especially if you have had close contact with the population.

In addition to infection, many other factors can trigger your complaints, such as allergies or irritation of the airways, inflammatory disorders, aspiration of foreign bodies into the airways, acid reflux, benign or malignant tumors, and so on.

Need to be clarified, how many days have you had a fever? Do you also experience shortness of breath, vomiting, chills, diarrhea, and other severe complaints?

If a new fever occurs 1-3 days, without any other severe complaints, you should not panic first. Try to calm your complaints first by taking paracetamol, drinking lots of warm water, eating a variety of balanced nutritious foods, eating lots of fruits, getting enough rest, exercising discipline every day, and avoiding cigarettes, cold, smoke, dust, pollution, and other things that are vulnerable to worsen your complaint. Do not forget, isolate yourself at home, do not leave the house except for emergencies, do not carelessly hold public facilities, avoid indiscriminate exchange of personal belongings with others, maintain distance when interacting with others, and improve personal hygiene and the environment around you.

If in this way the complaint still does not improve until more than 3 days, or if other complaints appear more severe as we have mentioned before, you better check yourself directly to the doctor to be treated further according to the cause yes .. Could be, later the doctor will direct you to undergo laboratory tests or advise you to see an ENT doctor / internal medicine.

Hope this helps ...

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