Fever Fluctuates In Infants Aged 9 Months?

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My mother veni wants to ask, my child was 9 months old last night with high fever 39.6c then the pediatrician was given antibiotics and fever. The heat went down, but 4 hours after taking the fever medicine again. Sampek right now ,, what is the reason? Because the doctor doesn’t even know why he is sick? My child is not fussy, and is still actively playing, eating and drinking as well as usual.

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Fever is a condition in which the body experiences an increase in temperature from the normal body temperature limits. Normal body temperature ranges from 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius.

Fever often occurs when there is an infection or inflammation due to either viruses or bacteria. But not always because of infection, fever can also occur in children due to:

lack of fluids
effects after immunization
the temperature is too hot

The causes of fever due to infection may be:

respiratory tract infections
ear infection
tooth infection
other viral infections
dengue fever

The most important thing if your baby has a fever is to prevent seizures by:

immediately reduce fever with fever-reducing drugs such as paracetamol or ibuprofen with doses according to body weight or doctor's recommendations
help warm compresses on the forehead, chest and armpits
give breast milk or milk
fever-reducing drugs can be repeated every 4 hours according to the recommended dose if the temperature is still high
avoid over-enveloping the baby
avoid using topical herbs or traditional ingredients such as onions or other spices, will further increase body temperature and can cause skin irritation
If it continues> 3 days after taking the medicine from the doctor, re-check the condition, it may be necessary to do a blood check
Do not let your child's temperature be too high the risk of seizures is high, if the seizure does not put anything in the child's mouth, loosen the neck if it is too tight, tilt it to the left so that if there is mucus out, immediately take it to the hospital for further assistance

read about fever

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