Fever From Being Bitten By A Mosquito?

Illustration of Fever From Being Bitten By A Mosquito?
Illustration: Fever From Being Bitten By A Mosquito? mosquitomagnet.com

Doctor night, my 11 month old child got quite a lot of mosquito bites in the face and hands area, after I bathed him in the daytime he looked a little shivering, and a few hours later his body warmed to 36.2 degrees Celsius and itchy areas of rashes. mosquito bites, coincidence the temperature is cool again, is he feverish because of the cold temperature or because of mosquito bites, doctor?

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From the information you convey, if your toddler's temperature is 36.2 degrees Celsius, then in general, your toddler's body temperature is normal, so there's no need to worry.

The presence of red spots on the skin is a natural thing due to insect or mosquito bites. These spots should disappear within a few days. This condition is normal, especially if it is not accompanied by complaints of fussy toddlers, fever, or reduced appetite.

To prevent mosquito bites, you can apply warm oil or baby oil to reduce mosquito bites on the skin. In addition, give clothes that cover the body, and protect it with a curtain while your baby sleeps.

If the surrounding temperature is cold, then provide warm clothes that are comfortable for your baby.

And furthermore, if your child's body temperature rises above 37 degrees Celsius, then you can consult your family doctor or a pediatrician for examination and evaluation of these complaints.

That is the information we can convey, also read the toddler's body temperature.

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