Fever Goes Up And Down, Accompanied By Difficult Bowel Movements, No Appetite, Bitter Tongue And Vaginal Discharge

it’s been 7 days I have a fever up and down, usually a fever in the afternoon until the afternoon when measured with a thermometer of 37.6 u0026deg; -39.1 u0026deg; dizziness all day sometimes migraines, body feels heavy and painful, what are the symptoms of pain?

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Hello Laelati,

Thank you for the question.

Fever up and down, accompanied by difficult bowel movements, no appetite, bitter tongue and vaginal discharge, dizziness, migraines, body feels heavy and pain can occur mainly when you have an infection, such as a virus or bacteria. There are many types of infections that can have symptoms like this, for example typhoid fever (or better known as typhus), hepatitis, urinary tract infections, ARI fever (acute respiratory infections), and so on. In addition to infection, your complaints can also be aggravated by intestinal inflammation, food allergies, carbohydrate malabsorption, benign or malignant tumors, inflammatory disorders, malnutrition, metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders, psychological disorders, and many other diseases.

Considering the complaint has been going on for more than 3 days, you should go to see a doctor or an internist at the nearest health facility. Through direct physical examination, blood tests, or maybe other supporting tests, often the doctor can decide the best treatment steps that need to be given so that your complaints improve.

Meanwhile, so that healing can take place more optimally, you should also compensate for doctor's treatment by:

Get more rest at home
Take paracetamol while still having fever, dizziness, and body aches
Discipline to exercise every day
Eat a variety of nutritious foods and drink lots
Do not stress and do not also carelessly take medicine without doctor's advice
Diligently brush your teeth and clean your tongue, followed by gargling using salt solution

Hope this helps ...

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