Fever Goes Up And Down At 11 Months Of Age?

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Hello … my child is 11 months ago, 2 weeks ago I had a fever and brought it to me after 5 days the fever actually went up and down and brought him to the hospital after a blood check Thank God the results are normal just change the medication when the medication runs out the fever recurs again brought from the child thank you Lord the fever has gone down, but this MLM is restless sleep shivering after wearing a jacket instead it actually sweats but the body remains cold … is there any other effect of the medication? Please answer yes … thanks

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Hello Tika Sulastri,

Fever is an increase in body temperature that exceeds normal. Fever is measured not by hand, but by a temperature measuring device called a thermometer. Conventional thermometers can be placed on the crest of the armpit or in the rectum. Normal body temperature is between 36.5-37.5oC, if more than that let alone> 38oC can be said to have a fever.

Fever can appear as the body's response to the following:

Viral, bacterial, parasitic infections
Disorders of central temperature regulators in the brain
The body lacks fluids
Use clothes that are too thick

Fever that is too high certainly needs to be watched out for by the mother. Especially if the fever is accompanied by the following signs:

Loss of consciousness
Out of breath
Stomach ache is great
Children do not urinate or defecate at all
There are obvious rashes on the skin
Children vomiting continuously

We recommend that you immediately bring the child to a health facility or a pediatrician when finding these signs. Handling fever in children with good general conditions are:

Give a warm compress on the forehead, armpits, which are replaced routinely
Providing paracetamol fever-reducing drugs according to the dosage and on a regular basis
Avoid giving blankets or jackets that are too thick which prevents the release of heat from the body
Give children more water or water intake during fever
Set the temperature of the room remains cool

Children who are healing may be a little fussy both in terms of eating and sleeping. If the child is shivering, try re-measuring the temperature of the child with a thermometer, if there is a fever, treatment can be given as mentioned above. But if the child's body temperature is normal, try adjusting the room temperature so it is not too cold or give a blanket to the child or give the child a warm drink. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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