Fever Healing Period

Illustration of Fever Healing Period
Illustration: Fever Healing Period

Hello doc, two days ago I had a slight fever, dizziness in the head and mouth feeling bitter, the next day I immediately took Paracetamol, but 30 minutes later my body immediately sweated the dock, but I still felt dizzy and bitter mouth until now .. what is that normal?

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Hello Tado,

Thank you for the question.

Fever, dizziness, bitter mouth and cold sweats may indicate that you are having an infection. This infection has many causes, the most common are viruses (including the Corona virus that is currently endemic) or bacteria. The location of this infection can also vary, perhaps in the respiratory system, digestive system, brain or spinal cord, and other organ systems. In addition to infection, your complaints may also arise due to heat stroke, inflammatory disorders, dyspepsia, heart problems, malnutrition, malignancy, drug side effects, psychological disorders, and so on.

If a new fever occurs 1-3 days, you should not worry too much. You can fix your complaint first by:

Take paracetamol for as long as you have a fever and dizziness
Wear clothes that warm and absorb sweat
More rest
Diligently brush your teeth and rinse with salt solution
Expand also drink water
Eat a variety of balanced nutritious foods, complete with fruits
Don't think too much

However, if the fever lasts more than 3 days, or if you appear stiff neck, vomiting, skin rashes, weakness, palpitations, and other severe complaints, try to see yourself directly to the doctor or internal medicine doctor ... Worry , your condition occurs because of a serious illness that needs to be examined and treated further by a doctor so that it does not end up being a dangerous complication.

I hope this helps.

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