Fever In Children 3 Years Does Not Go Away?

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thursday morning my child aged 31 months fever .. Because there is a history of temperature seizures 38 I gave sanmol .. Usually the heat subsides .. 3x I have given sanmol with a distance of 5/6 hours the heat only drops briefly to 37 then high again .. Is this a danger ? On Tuesday I gave the medicine for worms, then he diarrhea until Wednesday evening .. Does this have an effect?

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Hello Dwi Fauziah,

Thank you for the question.

Fever in children is often worrying, especially if the child has a history of seizures. Fever itself is a form of the body's defense against infection or other causes, such as dehydration. But not all fever is something dangerous, depending on the cause. The cause of fever can be an immunization reaction, teething, cold cough, digestive tract infections, or infections of the lining of the brain such as meningitis. It depends on the symptoms experienced by the child as well.

The following symptoms of fever that need to be consulted by a pediatrician:

Body temperature more than 39.4 Celsius in children over 6 months.
Fever does not improve after 3-4 days with routine medication.
Prolonged diarrhea or diarrhea.
The child looks short of breath or the chest looks retracted.
Stiff neck.
The child looks weak and does not want to eat.
There are signs of dehydration such as cowong eyes, dry mouth, and no tears when crying.
A rash appears on the skin.

Here are things you can do to help reduce fever in addition to fever relief medications such as paracetamol:

Compress the child's forehead with ice water.
Avoid thick and uncomfortable clothes.
Inadequate nutritional needs of children.
Keep the room temperature so it is not too cold.
Bathing children with warm water, not with cold water because it can make it cold.

Hope it helps and I hope the children get better soon :)

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