Fever In Children Experienced Up And Down For About 7 Days?

Illustration of Fever In Children Experienced Up And Down For About 7 Days?
Illustration: Fever In Children Experienced Up And Down For About 7 Days? Bing

Good evening doctor,rnPlease the solution, my child has had a fever for 7 days and has been taken to the doctor before he said it was a flu virus. What I’m confused about is that my child is still having a fever and it comes suddenly and suddenly drops. The heat is on the head, neck and stomach. Do I have to have a blood test or is there the right medicine?

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Hi Ichawandiansah,

Complaints of fever in children experienced up and down for about 7 days may be caused by conditions such as: Typhoid fever or typhus, namely salmonella typhi bacterial infection in the digestive tract. If the fever is accompanied by a cough, it may be caused by respiratory tract infections such as pharyngitis, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia to tuberculosis. If you have a fever, it gets better for a few days and then you have a fever again, it may be caused by a new infection, such as seasonal dengue fever.

Examinations that can be carried out, such as blood hematology examinations, can be repeated 2 times per 24 hours to monitor changes in platelets and hematocrit. Widal examination, X-ray examination of the lungs if the pulmonary examination found disturbed breath sounds.

Treatment will be given according to the cause of the disease, such as antibiotics if there is an infection, fluid therapy and nutrition if there is dengue fever.

Consult the situation with a pediatrician for a direct examination and the doctor will direct the necessary examinations so that treatment is more specific and maximal.

What can be done at home is to measure the temperature regularly, if you have a fever, give paracetamol and warm compresses. give enough fluids to prevent dehydration in addition to preventing shock can help remove heat through the urine. Provide nutritious food if necessary supplements to increase endurance. Rest is important so that the condition quickly recovers, avoid fatigue. If the child has a fever that exceeds 39 degrees, is found to have shortness of breath or severe abdominal pain and has diarrhea more than 5 times, he must immediately get help at the nearest emergency room. may be useful

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