Fever In Children Only During Sleep At Night?

At night, I want to ask, why my child (male, 8y) often has fever only during sleep at night … Not at night, because after sunset is also included in the night category, but he does not have fever at that hour, his fever only occurs when he sleepless nights … Even naps … Beyond that he is fit and healthy all day long. Guess what causes it? Thank you very much…

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Fever is the body's immune response to viral, bacterial or parasitic infections. Fever can be marked by an increase in body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius. Measurements for fever conditions should use a thermometer and not use touch to get accurate results.

Need to be further investigated the condition of fever during the night you mentioned, since when these symptoms appear, whether the fever occurs in a certain pattern, (only at night, disappear, arise pause and fever free days), what is the highest temperature measured during a fever appearing on your child, are there any other symptoms that accompany your child's condition such as coughing, runny nose, diarrhea, spasms, pain in urinating, abdominal pain, or other symptoms, history of illness, history of treatment that you have given to your child.

Some possible causes of fever are infections of the respiratory tract, infections of the urinary tract, infections of the digestive tract, infections of the skin, thyroid gland disease, autoimmune reactions, or other conditions that trigger your child's immune response. To ascertain the underlying cause of your child's condition, it is recommended to carry out control to a pediatrician for further examination and management.

For more information about fever, you can access the information in the article by clicking this link.

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