Fever In Infants After Immunization.?

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Mlm. I want to ask. On Thursday yesterday the immunization at the DPT 3 polio 4 puskesmas was dropped, then the midwife came together with IPV. I had a double injection, injected by DPT sm IPV on the left and right thighs. Now the baby has a fever. I give paracetamol from the puskesmas. Every hbis drinks paracetamol fever and falls down but 3 hours later then fever. I was confused about knp2. Is it wrong to get it together? Then I have to do it. Thank you before. Yes.

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Good evening Shafalika, thank you for asking on HealthReplies.com.

Based on the recommendations for immunization in Indonesia issued by IDAI, polio and DPT immunizations are carried out 4 times with the following schedule of administration:

Polio immunization: 0 immunization is done at 0-1 months of age 1 immunization is done at 2 months age 2 immunization is done at 3 months 3rd immunization is done at 4 months age 4th immunization (booster) is carried out at age 18 months DPT immunization: 1st immunization at 2 months age 2nd immunization at 3 months 3rd immunization at 4 months 4th immunization (booster) at 18 months age Especially for polio immunization, there is a provision that immunization to -0 must be given OPV, and for 2nd to 4th immunizations OPV or IPV may be given, but IPV must be given at least 1x at the same time as 3rd OPV administration.

Therefore, giving the immunization by the midwife is appropriate because based on your statement, your child is scheduled to get DPT3 and Polio 3 immunization, where in Polio 3 as described, OPV along with IPV will be given.

Regarding the fever that occurs after immunization, it is one of the side effects that often occurs and will experience improvement within a few days. However, it is highly recommended to further ensure your child's condition to the doctor for further evaluation whether the fever that arises is indeed caused by side effects of immunization or because of other diseases such as dengue, measles, chikungunya, typhus, influenza or smallpox.

For now, give the paracetamol medication according to the recommended dosage on the package, don't overdo it. Also do cold compresses on your child's forehead or armpits to help lower the temperature. Don't use thick clothes or blankets when your child has a fever. Adjust the temperature of the room to stay comfortable. Also make sure to give plenty of fluids during your child's fever. If the fever is accompanied by seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, or your child becomes weaker than usual, immediately take your child to the hospital emergency room.

I hope this helps.

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