Fever In Infants Aged 5 Months After Immunization.?

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mlm, I want to ask my baby at 5 months hr weeks after immunization, my body heat is hot, so the heat-lowering medicine goes down 38.5 37.3 This is the third day if it’s held by the body, it’s just normal temperature, but when I check it using a thermometer 38.3 more medicine? My medicine stopped from Monday morning because it dropped to 36.7. this is just the part of the head that feels warm. Please information, thank you

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Fever is a condition where the body temperature is measured with a thermometer exceeding 38 degrees Celsius. Fever is a response of the body's immunity against viral, bacterial or parasitic infections. In addition, fever can also occur due to the post-immunization process, infections due to mosquito bites, autoimmune disease conditions, thyroid gland disorders, or malignancy.

Fever is one of the symptoms that can occur when an infection occurs. It should be noted also other symptoms that arise accompanying, such as coughing, runny nose, tightness, pain in the stomach area, liquid bowel movements, pain during urinating, or other abnormal conditions in your baby's body. The ability of children to drink breast milk also needs to be considered. In conditions of fever, where measured temperatures over 38 degrees Celsius can be given a fever-lowering medication according to the dose and the appropriate time interval of drug administration. If you doubt the results of the thermometer measurement, you should do a repeat measurement first with a gap of 1-2 minutes. It is not recommended to carry out heat measurements using hand palms.

Fever is a response that can appear after immunization, can also be helped by doing a warm compress on the armpits, forehead, and body. Not recommended to put a lot of clothes on the baby so that body heat can come out. If the condition continues to persist, or the highest temperature continues to rise, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician regarding your child's condition for further examination and management.

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