Fever In Newborns And How To Increase Breast Milk?

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hello, my baby is only 4 days old, his temperature is very hot, what should we do ..? r n since he gave birth until now my wife cannot express breast milk, even though it has been stimulated by food, breastfeeding milk and a breast pump, but breast milk it doesn’t come out either ..

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Hello Wahyudi,

Congratulations on the birth of your baby. We understand your concern. Have you taken the baby's temperature with a thermometer? Fever occurs when the body temperature is more than 37 degrees Celsius. For babies less than 3 months, the baby should be checked if their body temperature is more than 38 degrees Celsius or has a fever for more than 3 consecutive days.

Fever in babies can be worrying for parents. There are many causes of fever in babies, including bacterial infection, viral infection, very hot room temperature, wearing too thick clothes, and post-immunization. To be sure, it requires direct examination by a doctor if necessary by performing blood tests and urine tests.

For now, there are some tips that you can do when your baby has a fever, namely:

Give the baby thin clothes, no need to wrap
Avoid giving thick clothes or thick blankets when the baby has a fever
Adjust the room temperature to be comfortable, try not to let the baby be exposed to the fan or AC directly on his body
Warm compresses on the armpits and groin
Increase breastfeeding, if breast milk is not sufficient, formula milk can be given to prevent dehydration. Breast milk is indeed the best food for babies and it is highly recommended to provide exclusive breastfeeding for at least 6 months, but if conditions are not possible and the child has a fever, you should not force yourself to exclusively breastfeed because the child is at risk of becoming dehydrated / dehydrated. While trying to make more milk production, children should still get enough fluids during fever, for example from formula milk. Consult the use of formula milk for babies less than 6 months old with your pediatrician

If the body temperature is more than 38 degrees Celsius, the baby looks weak, lazy to drink, the diaper is drier, crying without tears, vomiting, diarrhea, or seizures, you should immediately take your baby to the doctor directly so that you can be examined and given further treatment . The doctor will provide antipyretic / fever-reducing drugs for your child and other drugs if needed according to the results of the examination. Consult the doctor directly about the dosage of medicine for your baby.

Related to breast milk, breast milk is the main and best food for babies 0-6 months. Sometimes mothers experience problems during the breastfeeding process, for example, the milk comes out only a little or doesn't even come out. To help increase breast milk, your wife can do the following tips:

Make sure that the milk is sufficient for the baby. Cultivate the mindset that breast milk does not need to overflow or leak at any time like other breastfeeding mothers, the most important thing is that the milk is enough for your baby
Adequate rest, it's best for the mother to sleep when the baby sleeps so that the body doesn't get tired
Avoid stress and try to keep your heart happy and not have a lot of thoughts
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Drink lots of water 2-3 liters / day
Give breast milk more often to babies, the more breastfeeding, the more milk production will be
Try tips for breastfeeding mothers with the right breast while pumping the left breast (you can use an electric pump to make it easier), and vice versa alternately
Take supplements for breastfeeding mothers and breast milk boosters that are sold in pharmacies if necessary
The husband helps by giving a massage to the mother's back along the side of the spine, this will make nursing mothers relax and increase milk production. Read the article Oxytocin massage by husband while breastfeeding for more information

If the wife still has difficulty increasing milk production, the wife can consult a lactation counselor and pediatrician about the next steps for treatment.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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