Fever In The Baby’s Head, Neck, Stomach And Back?

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30 nov 2018 r nGood night. R nMy son is 8 months old, Saturday 24 nov 2018 my child is immunized d22, after that since Saturday until selsa has increased body temperature, warm … and given paracetamol. But on Wednesday I stopped giving fever relievers, the baby had difficulty defecating … on Tuesday the stools were dark green and there were dense and runny ones, until they cried when they pooped. But on Thursday at 2:30 a.m. my child was very high 39 ° c and given a heat reliever … only his body temperature is still above 38.5. finally on Friday I took the child to the clinical clinic but the doctor recommended the delivery of presetmol with a higher dose … it started from 0.6 to 0.8 but until now my child is not there. The change is still at 39 ° c. What’s wrong with my child?

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Hi Femi,

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After DPT immunization (diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus), most babies will indeed have a fever. This fever is usually a reasonable follow-up event and will improve within 1 to 3 days after immunization provided it is treated properly. Often, this fever does not appear accompanied by other complaints, such as defecation as your child experienced.

If your child has a fever that lasts more than 3 days after immunization, and complaints appear accompanied by defecation, which is difficult to defecate and greenish stools, it is likely that the complaint arises due to other factors, such as gastroenteritis (intestinal infection), typhoid fever ( typhus), intestinal inflammation, appendicitis (appendicitis), dengue fever, irritable bowel syndrome, food or beverage allergies, intolerance, urinary tract infections, food poisoning, and so on. Indeed, this incident can occur after immunization. But actually these complaints are not always caused by the impact of the immunization given.

If this fever has appeared for a long time, does not improve with the administration of fever-lowering drugs from the doctor, we recommend that you re-check your baby to the doctor or pediatrician. It is possible that your doctor will recommend that your child undergo a blood test, feces, or some other supporting test.

At this time, in addition to prescribing drugs as advised by your doctor, you can also do the following steps:

Give your baby more milk and water
Also give your baby a healthy, nutritious, clean MPASI food
Don't give MPASi babies a sour, milky, let alone spicy baby
Minimization of provision of instant food and drinks to infants
Do not carelessly give medicines to babies unless the doctor prescribes directly
Compress the baby's neck and armpits with warm water
Give baby clothes that are made from soft and absorb sweat
Let the baby rest more

Hope this helps ...

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