Fever Is Accompanied By A Rise In Blood Pressure And Frequent Urination?

Illustration of Fever Is Accompanied By A Rise In Blood Pressure And Frequent Urination?
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afternoon, I want to ask, it’s been more than a week that I often have a fever (temperature between 37.5-38), accompanied by 140/100 tengsi and often urinate (not cloudy), the throat feels dry and hot, and the stomach is rather nauseous. I am 39 years old. when examined the doctor said I had typhus symptoms and was given medicine for 3 days but there was no change. what is my illness and what is the cure +. Thank you

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Fever is a thing that often occurs and can be caused by various causes. From the situation you are experiencing, a fever accompanied by dry abdominal and throat pain may be caused by a typhus. Typhus is an infection of salmonella typhi bacteria that is transmitted through contaminated food. Typhus can cause symptoms such as a higher fever especially at night, nausea, decreased appetite, pain in the stomach, and accompanied by digestive disorders. Typhus requires treatment using certain antibiotics. But of course to determine whether you have typhus or not it is necessary to have a direct examination and additional examinations such as blood tests. If you have checked yourself into a doctor and given an antibiotic drug, the consumption of these drugs according to your doctor's recommendation, yes, finish the antibiotics. If your situation does not improve, then you should re-check with your doctor.

But other than that the situation that you experience can also be caused by other causes such as:

Strep throat / acute pharyngitis
gastrointestinal infections
Urinary tract infection

Increasing your blood pressure to 140/100 can be influenced by the fever that you are currently experiencing.

Therefore, check yourself again at the doctor if the situation does not improve. Consumption of hygienic food is maintained, and temporarily avoid the consumption of green vegetables. Don't smoke and don't consume alcohol.

The following article you can read about Typhus

may be useful. Thank you

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