Fever Is Accompanied By Cough, Runny Nose And Shortness Of Breath In Children Aged 4 Years. Is It The Common Cold Or Corona?

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Basically, colds and coughs are common complaints for children, and with more and more news about the Covid-19 pandemic whose symptoms resemble those of a common cold, parents become worried about it, and we understand your concern. Even so, you do not need to panic, because most cough colds and fever in children can be caused by common cold or influenza which is a viral infection that can heal by itself in 1 week without special treatment.

As for other things that need to be considered related to Covid-19 infection is a history of traveling to an infected country, a history of exposure to people traveling to an infected country, as well as exposure to people who have tested positive for Covid-19. If there is no such history, you as a parent need not worry. Take the child to a pediatrician if the child becomes inactive, there is a breath, high fever, and complaints do not improve for more than 1 week.

The following things you can do to reduce complaints and reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection exposure:

 Rest the child at home for 1-2 weeks. Give children fever relievers such as paracetamol, and cold cough medicines that can be given freely. Make sure the child's hygiene is maintained. Wash hands with soap and water or hand sanitizers before and after touching a child, and encourage hand washing to children as well. Clean objects that are often held by hands such as a handphone, door handles, cutlery, etc. using alcohol. Give a mask to the child if the child is forced to travel outside or interact with other people. Drink warm water and provide warm steam to relieve throat and nasal congestion. Inadequate nutrition for children and their fluids. Hopefully this information can help and hope that children recover quickly.


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