Fever Is Accompanied By Coughing And Breathing Difficulties Such As Nasal Congestion?

What is it, my child, because of a fever, but a fever, which arises, so much that I cough when my nose is blocked so it’s hard to breathe, so what should I do?

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your child's complaints may be caused by acute respiratory infections. As the name suggests, ARI will cause inflammation of the respiratory tract, from the nose to the lungs. Most ARIs are caused by viruses, so they can heal on their own without special treatment and antibiotics.

the respiratory tract can be contagious if you accidentally inhale a splash of saliva that contains a virus or bacteria that is excreted by a person when he coughs or sneezes. In addition, respiratory infections can also be transmitted through intermediary media, ie items that have been exposed to viruses or bacteria from the sufferer.

respiratory tract infections generally last for 3 to 14 days, including: coughing, nasal congestion, sneezing, sore throat, fever and shortness of breath.

If the complaint is felt to get worse, the fever does not go down even if given a fever-lowering drug, or appears more serious symptoms, such as chills, shortness of breath, coughing up blood, or decreased consciousness, immediately go to the emergency department (IGD) at the nearest hospital. in children, besides complaints above such as difficulty breathing, vomiting, wheezing sounds and inactive children you can consult a pediatrician for direct examination, by conducting physical examinations and examinations such as blood checks, photos of rongen, so that doctors can provide handlers according to the cause.

There are several things you can do:

 compress with warm water on the forehead and between the armpits and groin of the child to reduce fever can use heat-lowering drugs such as paracetamol which doses and recommendations according to packaging you can provide a special child balm to relieve breathing You can provide warm water vapor or use humidifer to moisturize the room and loosen breathing children give children lots of fluids both milk and water so we can give information

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