Fever Is Accompanied By Headaches, Palpitations And Chest Pain?

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Hello. I want to ask Tempo then I have a fever plus a headache plus anxiety … So now my chest hurts … What should I do ???

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Hello Zalsabilla,

Fever is basically a condition where when the body is at a temperature above the number 38 degrees Celsius. Fever is a part of the body's immune process where the body is fighting infections that can be caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites. However, fever can be caused by conditions such as hyperthyroidism, arthritis or side effects from the use of certain drugs, one of which is antibiotics.

Actually, fever is not a disease but a symptom that accompanies the disease, so that the fever can heal itself without any special treatment. Other accompanying symptoms of fever can vary, ranging from headaches, cold sweat, chills, coughing, dehydration, muscle aches, sore throat or ears, diarrhea, mutility and fatigue. Additional symptoms such as anxiety or chest pain are also very likely to appear or occur this can be caused by an illness that affects a person's psychology so that anxiety, worry, difficulty sleeping, a feeling of shortness of breath or pain in the chest.

To make sure you should consult directly with your doctor. Because it is very impossible to establish a diagnosis and look for the cause of fever if no direct examination. You can consult directly with a doctor that you trust, usually will be examined in the form of medical interviews and physical examinations. If the doctor needs additional tests, usually a laboratory test will be taken from your blood or urine sample.

To prevent the occurrence of a fever that is getting worse and the emergence of anxiety and chest pain that is increasing, you should have a complete rest at home, and reduce physical activity, consume enough water and meet nutritional needs by eating nutritious foods. If needed you can take fever-lowering drugs which you can find at pharmacies and are sold freely such as ibuprofen and paracetamol. High fever can cause complications in the form of severe dehydration, and trigger hallucinations and can cause seizures, therefore it is very important for you to take precautions before it gets worse.

So that we can convey, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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