Fever Is Increasingly Rising After Seeing The Doctor

sorry doc want to ask, my child is 16 months old or less, today enters day 6 fever ny, every day is getting high up to plaing 39.0 ° high. then I went to the doctor sp. child, my child is steaming from flu on day 3, coughing on day 4 has a fever, but it makes breathing difficult. what I ask is why is the fever getting worse here, even after being given antibiotics the fever reaches 39.4 °? Is my child typhus?

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Fever is a condition which is a symptom of a disease but the cause can be as varied as

Lack of fluids
Environmental conditions
Infection by a virus
Bacterial infection
Autoimmune or excessive body immune reaction

This must be known the exact cause first and can try to overcome in several ways such as

Use comfortable clothes
Drink an increased amount
Keep the temperature around 22 to 24 degrees Celsius
Use a dose of 10 to 15 mg per kg of your child's paracetamol
Compress with a warm towel

However, if fever> 3 days, still high, there is a history of seizures should consult your pediatrician back

Thus information may be useful

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