Fever Just After Fasting

Illustration of Fever Just After Fasting
Illustration: Fever Just After Fasting

Tonight, I would like to ask you about a fever while fasting. During the day I began to feel cold and fever until the night yak junking fever disappeared. On Friday morning the fever seemed to disappear and the head felt heavy. The eyes are also heavy because during fasting I spend all day in front of my cellphone and in a state holding hunger. What are these symptoms, doc, what medicine should I take? Thank you

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Hi Ana,
Thank you for your question on HealthReplies.com.
Fever is a sign of the body's response when immune cells are fighting infection. Infection can be caused by bacteria or viruses.
Apart from being caused by a fever infection it can also be caused due to dehydration, or lack of fluids. If you feel a fever without cause or fever without other symptoms such as cough, runny nose, diarrhea, and other signs of infection, the fever that you experience can be caused by dehydration.
It is said that after fasting, after fasting, the fluid in the body decreases, and if the fluid is not filled it will increase body temperature.
An increase in body temperature will cause the body's response to maintain normal temperature, it will cause symptoms to shiver or feel cold.
In general, the normal body fluids requirement per day is 2 liters, because most of the human body needs fluids, therefore you want to fulfill your daily body fluids. If you have a fever that is marked by symptoms of infection, check with your doctor immediately.
May be useful. Always healthy.

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