Fever On Parts Of The Body.?

at night, I want to ask it’s been 2 days my body felt hot, but what I surprisingly happened to my lower body (from the stomach to the legs), and that always felt very hot was the legs. why is that? while my upper body (head) until the stomach does not feel heat. thank you

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Fever is the body's reaction to fight germs. Fever is often caused by viral, bacterial, fungal and other parasitic infections. Fever is a condition that is actually good and is protective for the body, because when the fever is the immune system is in the process of getting rid of germs in the body.
If you have a high fever without other symptoms, measure your body temperature in the armpit area with a body temperature thermometer. Not recommended for measuring body temperature by hand, because the hand is not a good temperature measurement tool. In addition, heat is often subjective by both patients and parents who have children. Therefore an objective check with a body temperature thermometer is needed. The body is said to have a fever if the body temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius. A sudden high fever (more than 38 degrees Celsius) is often caused by a viral infection that will decrease by itself as the body's immune system increases.
Fever is regulated by the central body temperature regulator / thermostat in the brain. This thermostat functions to maintain temperature and regulate body temperature when being attacked by infections or other diseases. Body temperature is relatively the same in all parts of the body, so no body part will have a temperature that is different from the temperature determined by the thermostat in the brain.
The sensation of the difference in heat that is felt, is likely a subjective complaint or a result of the body's reaction / response to fever, such as changes in the size of blood vessels on the surface of the skin that tend to be widened or narrowed when a fever occurs. Dilation of blood vessels can be useful to release heat from the body.
You do not need to worry about the conditions being experienced. Expand the consumption of fluids that can help lower body temperature. Get enough rest, consume healthy and nutritious foods, and consume fever relievers like Paracetamol or ibuprofen.
If there are no signs of improvement from fever for the next 2-3 days, you should do an examination directly to your nearest doctor.
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