Fever Only In Head And Neck?

Illustration of Fever Only In Head And Neck?
Illustration: Fever Only In Head And Neck? Bing

au ask why I feel hot in the head and neck only? it’s dangerous isn’t it?rnthank you

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Hi Cahyadonny,

Thanks for the question.

We are said to have a fever if the body temperature is above 38 degrees Celsius. To determine whether it is true that you are experiencing an increase in body temperature or not, you can measure the temperature on your scalp using a scan thermometer, if it is still normal, then most likely the heat complaints you feel are only subjective. Or, it could also be an early symptom of a fever. Efforts that need to be made are:

Make sure you have enough fluids, drink more
Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables to increase your immune system
Eat healthy food with a balanced menu
Get enough rest, avoid staying up late
Exercise routine

If the complaint still persists or interferes with daily activities, you should consult a doctor, so that the cause can be traced and given the appropriate treatment.

The following articles can add to your insight:

Definition of Fever

Hope it gets better soon,

dr. Annes

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