Fever, Pain In The Face Near The Eyes And Mucus Smell In The Nasal Cavity?

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about 3 days ago I had a fever, as usual accompanied by pain in the joints of my body and also pain in the face near the left eye. And now the fever has subsided, but there is something strange with my respiratory tract, there is like mucus in my nasal cavity but not snot I feel. And every time I dispose of it through the oral cavity, I always smell a very unpleasant odor from the mucus. Can you say that I have sinus sinus? And how to overcome it? Will it subside by itself like the previous fever? I was googling and there was an article that said that there had been a case of brain leakage coming out through the nose, so I was afraid of other possibilities. I happen to be a smoker too. Please enlighten me and advice too. thanks.

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Hello Daniel

Thank you for the question.

Fever, joint pains and pain near the left eye are most often associated with infections, including infections of the respiratory tract as well as sinusitis. This sinusitis, in addition to causing fever, joint pain, headache, and pain around the face (including the eyes), can also make nasal congestion, runny nose, olfactory disorders, taste disturbances, and swallowing mucus into the throat (post nasal drip) .

If you trace the information you convey, indeed your complaint may appear related to sinusitis. Even so, do not rule out the possibility of mucus discharge from your nasal cavity that smells unpleasant arises because of other factors, such as nasal polyps, nasopharyngeal cancer, and so on. As for the conditions you mentioned, if it is true that your complaint appears related to brain tissue leakage connected to the nasal cavity, of course this complaint will not appear alone but is also accompanied by other complaints that are more severe, such as decreased consciousness, seizures, impaired concentration, disturbances mental, weak or paralyzed, numb or tingling, and so on.

Our advice, check yourself to the doctor or ENT doctor so that your condition is properly identified with possible causes, for example with X-rays, CT scans, and other supporting tests. In this way too, the doctor can give you the best treatment steps.

In the meantime, just make sure your nose doesn't get into dangerous foreign objects. Stay away from excessive cold temperatures, dry air, smoke, pollution, and other substances that are prone to inflamed nasal cavities. Do not forget, multiply rest, stop smoking, drink lots of water, and discipline to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition, you can also irrigate the nasal cavity, which uses NaCl liquid which is sprayed into the nasal cavity via a syringe (injection) that has been removed by the needle.

Hope this helps ...

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