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In the afternoon, I want to ask my child about 11 years of age, fever, coughing in his eyes feels sore, he has already been drinking. it hurts so it hurts, it hurts … it doesn’t think it’s a corona virus or what it hurts. as for my mother, I’m very worried. please explain

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Hello April, thank you for asking to HealthReplies.com.

Let me introduce myself that Rio will try to answer your question.

Based on the complaints that your child is experiencing, it is still not specific enough to determine an illness. But overall there is a possibility that your child will have a cold / common cold / respiratory infection. Flu / common / respiratory infections especially those caused by viral infections are very contagious indeed. However, from this symptom, it cannot be said of a disease caused by corona virus.

Corona virus is one of the causes of illnesses whose symptoms range from mild to severe flu. Corona virus causes severe respiratory syndromes such as SARS and MERS. But the corona virus that is currently rife is the 2019 Coronavirus Novel (2019-nCoV) which was originally found in the city of Wuhan, China.

Corona virus infection does have complaints such as common respiratory diseases, such as:

 Cough High fever more than 38 degrees Celsius Shortness of breath But not all diseases that have symptoms above all are corona virus. You do not need to panic, but still must be vigilant. Until now, based on information from the Ministry of Health, there have been no reports of corona viruses found in Indonesia. If you don't have a history of traveling to a place or country that has a corona virus case, then there is still little chance of suffering from a corona virus infection. So now what you can do is:

 Always maintain hygiene by washing hands before and after activities Use a mask to prevent transmission Avoid consumption or contact with animals / animal markets Apply ethics cough Do not travel to affected countries / places Eat nutritious food Sufficient exercise Consult a doctor if your child's complaints do not experience improvement, to get more precise handling. That's all for me.

Thank you, good luck always :)

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