Fever, Sore Throat And Flu?

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In the afternoon, March 19 yesterday I came to RSHS Bandung to check Covid-19. But after screening the officer stated that I did not enter the susfect criteria though. The symptom that I experienced was that I felt my body temperature was hot every morning afternoon and evening. Every time I take paracetamol, I will sweat at night. Last February I coughed up phlegm and recovered in 1 week. Then at the end of February I had a fever and it hurts my throat until my voice disappeared and my pelab2 appeared after 3 days. After that my body temperature remained hot until today. Nmn cough with phlegm and followed by flu after 2 weeks coughing. Until today I still have a cold with a cough. I came to a lung specialist. Now when Dr. Seeing the results of rongtent I did not say anything and did not prescribe any medicine. Dr. Said we had a phlegm and blood check. And I have to come again Monday. Is my rongsent having a problem? Why dr. Didn’t say anything or possible diagnosis.

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Hello Anggid,

Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. Some complaints that you feel can refer to certain conditions, including:

 Viral infections, such as the common cold, COVID-19, common cold Bacterial infections, such as tuberculosis, pneumonia Allergy irritation in the airways due to cigarette smoke, vehicle smoke The body has a lack of fluid fatigue To find out the exact cause must be examined by a doctor starting from medical interviews, physical examination, then additional additional tests such as X-rays that you do. Regarding the results of your X-ray examination, you should immediately ask the doctor who examined you, because of course to find out whether there are abnormalities needed results of the photo.

With an outbreak of Corona virus infection that is happening right now, if the complaint that you are feeling right now is not an emergency, it is better for you to delay seeing your doctor or you can contact us by telephone. For now what you can do at home is:

 A healthy and nutritious diet Drink plenty of warm water Avoid spicy foods and too greasy Avoid foods that are too sweet that stimulate coughing Routine exercise Get enough rest Avoid crowds and travel outside if not so important Wash hands with water and flowing soap regularly Quiet, hopefully useful . Stay healthy.

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