Fever, Sore Throat, Cough Whether Corona Symptoms?

Illustration of Fever, Sore Throat, Cough Whether Corona Symptoms?
Illustration: Fever, Sore Throat, Cough Whether Corona Symptoms?

Excuse me doc. I have been around for 2 weeks with a sore throat, itchy chest, and dry stones, sometimes accompanied by mild tightness. I also had 2 times a mild fever (only 1-2 days) during the span of 2 weeks. I have tried to check with a midwife, and I have been prescribed some medicines. However, until now there has been no significant change. Does my illness lead to Corona virus infection? And what should I do, do I have to go to the nearest Puskesmas? thank you

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Sore throat can cause complaints such as dry throat, irritation and pain. This complaint can be caused by viruses or bacteria. Usually a sore throat can heal by itself within 1 week, but if it is caused by a bacterial infection need antibiotic help for treatment. In cases of sore throats that occur more than 1 week long, must be explored further what causes, whether the drugs taken are correct, whether the daily handling at home is correct. Some things you can do at home to reduce throat symptoms are:
- Expand to drink: drink at least 2L per day, and will provide a more relaxing effect if you often drink warm water (still avoid hot drinks)
- Enough rest
- Minimize the use of voice: inflammation of the vocal cords also has complaints of sore throat, throat feeling dry and sore when speaking. With the effort to minimize saura then give your vocal cords time to rest.
- Avoid smoke, dust and cigarettes: these 3 things can trigger inflammation in the respiratory tract, try to leave the house to wear a mask to avoid direct exposure to dust and cigarette smoke
- Increase the body's immunity: because for the treatment of an illness is not only helped by medication alone, when the body's immunity is good the body can be able to fight off a virus that attacks or attacks a person's immunity. The trick is to consume vitamins and eat nutritious foods such as vegetables.
- Maintain hand hygiene: wash your hands after coughing or sneezing if you use your hands or when you will hold your face so that bacteria and viruses that land on your hands do not become transmissions into your body, you should use soap and running water and wash your hands follow the 6 WHO steps and for 30 seconds so that the germs and viruses completely disappear.
- Avoid contact with people who are sick: if there is a family in the house or people around you live or work have similar complaints, you should keep a distance from them during and recovery, and wear a mask to prevent transmission by droplet.
If you have tried to apply this at home, but the complaints have not improved and are felt to be increasingly burdensome even though you have taken medicine, you can check it to the nearest health care center, do not forget to also wear a mask, and if possible bring a sample of the drug you are taking so can be adjusted whether the drugs taken are appropriate or not.
In situations where the corona virus is spreading rapidly, if not accompanied by needs and urgency you should stay at home, or take care of yourself so that you are not exposed to the virus, if there are complaints such as sore throat that gets worse for more than 2 weeks, accompanied by fever more than 38 degrees Celsius, coughs, colds that do not heal until there is a feeling of tightness or difficulty breathing, even though you have tried to take medication, then you should check yourself to the doctor, for further examination.
Thus my answer, hopefully it helps

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