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Good morning, I want to ask about my sister. He is 18 years old, weighs 45kg, and is 170cm tall. He has been sick for almost 2 weeks. On the 4th day he has been taken to the puskesmas and given the medicine Alpara, Domperidone and Bioron. On day 5, we checked the blood to a hospital and the result was a decrease in leukocytes (3.1). Then the doctor gave lameson medicine because my sister said she had a dry cough. But some days later, the cough turned into phlegm coughing. Then we bought medicine for obstructive cough and FG Troches. And it’s almost 2 weeks the fever goes up and down, like just one day the fever goes down then goes up again. He also experienced weakness and headaches. And still have phlegm. Do you think you should go to the doctor again or not? Are these dbd or typhus symptoms? And is there something to avoid and advice on consumption for daily food? thanks.

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Fever is a condition when body temperature reaches a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or more. Actually, fever is the body's natural response when the body is fighting an infection whether it is a viral, bacterial, or parasitic infection. So that fever is a sign that our body is fighting an infection. And most fevers are not a serious condition.

Apart from fever infections can also be caused by other conditions such as thyroid hormone disorders such as hyperthyroidism, arthritis or inflammation of the joints and also due to the consumption of drugs including antibiotics. An increase in body temperature due to these medications is also called "drug fever".

Therefore to determine the cause of the fever it is necessary to do an interview and a physical examination directly to your sister. In addition, usually in addition to fever also arise other complaints that can help lead to the cause of the disease.

However, prolonged fever needs to be watched and the cause is sought so that it can be treated appropriately. If you have a fever that does not improve or lasts for a long time, moreover if it occurs for 2 weeks, this condition can be called as a fever or also called a fever of unknown origin (FUO). Of course, in addition to fever also usually accompanied by other symptoms such as weakness , decreased appetite, flu-like symptoms, body aches and these complaints will usually disrupt daily activities.

Causes of fever that exceeds 2 weeks or prolonged fever for example:

Idiopathic prolonged fever, prolonged fever whose cause is not yet clearly known Typhoid fever Autoimmune disease, for example, alupus, reumathoid arthritis Tuberculosis infections Malignancy, or cancer Thyroid disease The following are some symptoms that can accompany the fever depending on the cause of the fever itself:

Headaches Shivering, cold sweat Coughing Sore throat Pain in the ear Abdominal pain Diarrhea Vomiting Muscle pain, body aches rheumatic pain Decreased feeling Fatigue If prolonged fever persists in your younger sister you should consult back to the specialist in internal medicine for further examination, the doctor will do a physical examination and also a number of supporting examinations if needed such as blood examination, X-ray examination and so on.

Up and down fever can still be caused by possible infections such as typhus, dengue or dengue fever, and malaria. Therefore the possibility of DHF or typhus still can not be removed. Moreover all three of them usually cause symptoms that are common and almost the same. To ensure that it needs a blood labortaorium supporting examination such as a complete blood test, also other serological tests to see the existence of dengue, typhus or malaria infections.

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