Fever That Occurs When Infected With The Corona Virus

Illustration of Fever That Occurs When Infected With The Corona Virus
Illustration: Fever That Occurs When Infected With The Corona Virus

hello doc, is the fever that causes the corona fluctuate / stable for several days? thank you

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Fever is a sign of inflammation as an indication of the body's immune response to work. Fever can occur due to infection and inflammation processes that occur in the human body, so often the symptoms of fever are the initial symptoms of the inflammatory process and infection, one of which is Covid-19 infection. The incubation period of this virus can be in the period of 2-14 days from infection. However, the symptoms of fever does not mean you must be infected with Covid-19, so if the patient has a fever, further evaluation steps are needed in the form of identification of risk factors, physical examination and confirmation check when signs and risk factors are met.

A fever complaint has a clinical significance of covid-19 infection if it is supported by other symptoms and risk factors that have been determined by the Ministry of Health, such as:

 Body temperature rises or Fever> 38 degrees celsius Cough Other causes of current pain complaints cannot be ascertained, so there is a need for further evaluation of other covid symptoms Shortness of breath confirmed by doctor's examination Within 14 days of contact with suspicious patients Covid-19 or positive patients Covid-19 In 14 days you travel far or out of town / abroad where the area is a local transmission area that has been determined by the Ministry of Health or an authorized organization. If you see the picture above, the course of Covid 19 infection is marked by a complaint journey in the form of:

 Days 1-3 complaints begin to appear Initial complaints of fever begin to appear Initial complaints such as respiratory complaints Complaints of cough and sore throat can occur on days 3 Days 4-9 since complaints begin to appear Infection has entered the lungs on days 3 or 4 Breathing begins to feel heavy on days 4-9 Respiratory stress begins to increase on days 8-15 Days 8-15 since complaints begin appearing Beginning into the bloodstream of Sepsis which poses a risk to safety but this case is very small, however still need to watch out for When dealing with fever or mild complaints in patients with Covid-19 infection, these complaints will improve in 2 weeks. While in severe cases it takes 3-6 weeks. However, in the case of Covid-19 Corona virus infection, about 80% are mild cases but still require treatment and observation as well as prevention of transmission, especially transmission to elderly patients and other underlying chronic diseases.

While the fever pattern or fever pattern, until now there is no information that explains it, so at this time can not provide information relating to the fever pattern in Covid-19 patients. Research related to co-19 is still ongoing, so all information about this new virus has not been obtained in full.

If you have symptoms of fever, then doing some recovery efforts are steps you can take, such as:

 Consult your doctor online unless your doctor advises you to come directly Avoid activities outside the home, and do social distancing Clean your hands regularly and use a mask if you are worried Hydnari sleep late at night Avoid physical fatigue Sufficient nutritious food Such information we can convey .

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